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Birth Doula


BeLoved Doula & Postpartum Care will provide you continuous support throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth. As a certified doula, I have the knowledge to be 100% responsive to you and to know what you need before you ask for it. Things that I may rely on to support you are relaxation techniques, massage, emotional support and encouragement, utilizing our knowledge of you and of birth to help position you and help establish movements to facilitate labor, support your partner, and aid with that very first latch. I also have a loving array of local relationships and are ready to provide you with all of the connections that you need. We serve in and around the Austin area (contact us for more information).

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How do you want to BeLoved?

Birth Package, $1350:

  • initial consultation at agreed-upon location or virtually

  • 1 prenatal visit

  • labor and birth support provided at your place of birth (home, birth center, hospital) and up to 2 hours after delivery 

  • unlimited calling, texting, email support throughout pregnancy & early postpartum

  • 1 postpartum visit

  • access to our library of resources and referrals

a Bit Extra Package, $1550:

  • all of the A.Loved package plus ...

    • an additional prenatal visit (for a total of 2 visits) to help build your birth plan

    • Your doula will join you at home for labor support and then on to your birthing location

with it All Package, $2350:

  • all of the A.Loved Package and all of the B.Loved Package plus ...​​​

    • Placenta encapsulation

    • Group HypnoBirthing Class series 

    • a 4-hour daytime postpartum visit to help get you settled in with your new addition

      • take a nap (imagine that!), shower, or just do whatever makes you happy at home while we take care of your little one​ for a bit

*DEAL ALERT! Placenta encapsulation pills can be added to the A.Loved and B.Loved packages at a discounted rate of $200!

Doula services may be eligible for payment with flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA). It is up to you, as the policyholder, to confirm this information with your carrier and that services will be covered or reimbursed. I also accept cash, check, and credit card payment. If paying with a credit card, there is a 3% processing fee.

Birth doulas build relationships with expecting families to help them have a positive birth experience. We help facilitate conversations between the birthing person and her care provider, provide non-judgemental support for her birth choices, and support the family through labor and birth. We work with our minds, hearts, and hands and are a bridge to many other forms of care.



- Maria Pokluda and Amanda Devereux, Founders, BEST Doula Training

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