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                                       Placenta Encapsulation


Show yourself a little extra love by transforming your placenta into easy to use postpartum products.

Benefits from placenta encapsulation can include increased postpartum energy and milk supply, a reduction 

in postpartum bleeding, the evening out of hormones and mood, a good source of iron for you and your

breastfeeding baby, and a lessened risk for postpartum depression. 

With your health and safety our top priority we want you to know that from the time your placenta is in

our hands until it is delivered back to you, we follow strict food handling procedures. Your placenta will

never be processed near children, animals, or other food prep areas. Each placenta has our undivided



Placenta pills:

  • $250

    • all packages include a placenta transportation kit, placenta pick-up, processing, pills, and delivery

    • choice between flavored or vegetarian capsules

Placenta Pills & 
Prepared Feeding course:

  • $300

    • Prepared Feeding is an amazing online, do at your own pace, breastfeeding course ​

Placenta Pills, Tincture & Salve:

  • $310

    • your package will come with all 3 placenta products!  Pills, tincture & salve​



  • Tincture  $30

  • Healing Salve  $30

  • Placenta print $35

What is a placenta tincture and salve?

Your Placenta Tincture can help even out hormones and increase energy levels during your postpartum time just like your pills. It's a great option to reach for your tincture in times of stress or transition.  You can use your tincture anywhere from 6 weeks postpartum to menopause!  That's right... one of the coolest things is since it's made from high proof alcohol you can keep it long-term and use it as support through menopause to help even out hormones, your mood and your energy levels!

Your Salve is a beautiful mixture of organic shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and of course your dried  placenta.  The placenta salve can be used on most skin irritations or minor wounds, or just as a soothing balm as desired. Many clients find that it helps soothe a healing perineum or cesarean incision after birth and can be used on your baby's diaper area!  

*Placenta encapsulation may be eligible for payment with flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA). It is up to you, as the policyholder, to confirm this information with your carrier and that services will be covered or reimbursed. We also accept cash, check, and credit card payment. If paying with a credit card, there is a 3% processing fee.

Let's talk about YOUR placenta! Click the 'Start the placenta encapsulation process here!' button above as soon as you decide you’d like to encapsulate your placenta. We will immediately be in touch and have a quick chat about your options. If you have made the decision by 38 weeks pregnant, you will have a placenta kit either delivered to you by hand or mailed directly to you.  

If you forget your kit when you go into labor… don’t worry! If we're also your doula we can bring a kit with us. If not, we’ll make sure we are there with a kit in time. Within 72ish hours of your delivery, we will have your pills processed and on their way back to you. Your only job from there is to take your pills (per the instructions we provide), to heal, and to feel cared for!

Things to think about …

  • 1 in 7 women suffer from postpartum depression (PPD)

  • 50% of women who suffer from PPD are undiagnosed

  • Hormone levels do funny things in the first year of postpartum but especially in the first week

  • 97% of women that choose to encapsulate their placentas have reported having positive outcomes

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